It doesn't make sense!

3 minute read Published: 2020-06-28

Everyone in their life at some point would've had this question, What's the point of all this? Does life make any sense?. If you did, then you thinking about one of the oldest & biggest questions, yet to be answered!.

Now, why is that question yet to be answered? Aren't we in an age of science where everything can be answered, given time. Yes, but questions like these doesn't have one single answer. If you ask a religious person, they would say that one should live a life as directed by God. If you ask an atheist, they might have a different view. A scientist, a different view. A philosopher, a different view.

Thinking about it scientifically, we have a good theory on how life began. Once it began, life evolved in myriad of ways, from single celled organisms to complex beings capable of doing incredible things. As humans, we have organized ourselves in various social structures, and lived by them over thousands of years.

2nd law of thermodynamics states that a system goes towards a high entropy state. Menaning, if you had a sand castle, over time it would disintegrate, not the other way around. What this shows us is, eventually the universe will die. But, this is not some End of days fatalist bullshit that we should worried about. It takes an insane amount of time for it. Even, if we take our solar system, it would take atleat a billion years before the Sun turns into a red giant and starts swallowing planets. We don't have to worry about that as well.

You could ask me then what the Fuck does this title mean?. What I focus on is the eventually dies part. Once that part is reached, whatever happended until that point won't matter. Its won't matter that a once nebula gave birth to our Sun, which then sustained our Mother Earth for billions of years. So, if we look at our own lives, its not going to matter whether you worked hard, or stayed on your ass, got a PhD, didn't go to school, was a billionaire, was poor or anything. Once you either go to the ground or turned to ashes, none of it is going to matter to YOU. Because, YOU won't exist anymore!

This doesn't mean that we have to lead a chaotic life, being social beings, we still have to care for each other, fight against the oppressors like the people before us did and try not to die. If you wanted to take a break from work or your attention demanding activity, do so, because either you focus or not, once you don't exist, it won't matter anymore. If you missed doing that favorite activity over the weekend, because your family needed your attention, don't sweat it, because once you don't exist, it won't matter anymore. If you think that you don't have the recognition like your peers or friends and feel like a nobody, then be a nobody. Everyone feel the need to be recognised, but once you don't exist, it won't matter anymore.

So, that's why it doesn't make sense!. This seems selfish, but once you don't exist, it won't matter anymore.